Monday, June 8, 2009

Johor Laksa

Since growing up in Johor, my family and I were strongly influenced by malay foods. Maybe due to Johor have majority of malays and our ex-neighbourhood were all malays too. Our family love to eat malay's foods and mum enjoy cooking malay's foods. Sometimes, she even cook rendang ayam (instead of the normal steam / roasted chicken) to offer prayers to our ancestor! When people asked, she will reply "Aii...after pray, we human being will eat it, so cook something we wish to eat lor." There was one time she even cooked nasi beryani as one of the dish for our CNY reunion dinner! ;)

Last week when she was in my brother's house, we requested her to cook our all time favourite - Laksa Johor. It is a simple yet messy food. Let me share the receipe over here. However, BEWARE as I'm not a good writer on recipe and there is no exact measurement being indicated as my mum just cook according to her instinct. ;)

1 whole Ikan Tenggeri (steam to cook it, then seperate the bones and fleshes)
some prawns (took off the shell)
a small piece of salted fish
1 coconut (grinded)
1 piece of lemongrass
some curry leaves
some dried tamarind
cilli paste
2-3 shallots and garlic (chop finely)
a small piece of ginger
salt to taste

To prepare
Step A
Press out the coconut milk and scoop up a small bowl of the coconut flesh (which has been grinded). Fried in a hot pan without oil until they turns into golden brown and fragance. Blend them before adding them into the soup in step B.
Step B
Fried the shallots + garlic + lemongrass together with the cilli paste till fragance with low fire. Then, add in the curry leaves and curry powder. Stir them well before adding in the coconut milk.
Step C
Next, blend the cooked fish meat + prawn + salted fish until fine and add into Step B. Put in the dried tamarind and ginger. Shimmer with low fire.

Cucumber (cut into strips)
Big Onion (cut into small pieces)
1 packet of preserved radish (Hokkien 'chai por')
Some daun kesom (cut into small pieces)
Some fresh lime (cut into half)
China White Noodle (known in chinese as 'Lai Fan')

For the dressing.

Lai Fan (Soaked the noodle for a few minutes then boiled them). Just like cooking normal noodle.

The ever tasty fishy curry soup.

Add those ingredients into the noodle and top with the soup. Press the fresh lime to made it extra sour (if you like sour food! )

Not forgetting this cilli paste. Must go with this which will bring out the extra spicy taste. Cut big red cilli and cilli padi, shallots and garlic and pound till they are mashed up. Then, add in the belacan and pound together and stir them well. (the belacan should be fried in a hot pan, without oil, before being added into the cillis).

Phew! What a difficult post!!! I did not realised writing some recipe is this tough. I can't even find the correct word to use. Hope for those who wish to try out this dish will be able to understand the steps. I must stess again that my mum cook with her instinct and I might have omitted certain steps in between. So try yourself! ;)

Tips: The taste is a little sour, fishy, spicy, milky and salty when you munch the 'chai por'. Ummph !!


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