Friday, June 26, 2009

A Letter to Michael Jackson

Dear Michael,

I was having my breakfast this morning and nearly got choked when I overheard the radio station annoucing about your passing. I was very surprise. I never thought it will be this fast. I've known you since in my preschool years. I grew up listening to your songs. I'm not exactly a very big fans of yours, but I always got excited whenever I saw you on the television or heard your songs over the radio. I don't know why, but just felt this way.

All my cousins who are very much older than me listen to your songs too. I think I was being influenced by them. My brother even went to your concert years ago when he was studying in KL. I never had a chance to go. Not anymore. My brother had a great time at your concert. He told us almost the whole crowd stand up in the middle of your concert and started to dance and sing with you. Everyone abandoned their chair, held their both hands high up and dance together with you. This is what we called CONCERT! You rock!

Michael, you have created a LEGEND. May you Rest In Peace.

Not a very big fans of yours, but grew up listening to your songs.


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