Saturday, June 20, 2009

Little XJ @ 9 months old

I think I've been neglecting XJ because I posted more on YX in this blog ;) . So, here is something on XJ @ 9 months (on 12 Jun 09). She can finally sits unsupported and can even crawl. She is no longer a quiet baby! She will wriggle here and there. No longer enjoy us to carry her and wish to be on the move on her own. And she no longer enjoy her walker! When we wanted to put her in, she will curled up her leg, refusing to sit.

Recently, she is also having a mild diarrhoea. Maybe due to teething. We did not bring her for a doctor because her diarrhoea comes off and on (twice in 24 hrs). At 9 months, she is still taking 4 oz of milk, sometimes 3 oz only every 3 hourly. However, she can finished up a bowl of porridge which we will feed her twice a day. And her favourite drink is just PLAIN WATER.

No teeth yet. Wonder when will they erupt. I could see there is a little bit of swell at the bottom of her gum, but still no sign of the white colour tooth.

Her trademark! She loves to stick out her tounge.

The loving brother disturbing her again. Trying to hug her from the back.


  1. it is good to drink plain water. my boys too :)

  2. My son had his first 2 teeth at about 6 months old. Same too, he seemed to be passing motion more often, not exactly mild diarrhoea because his stools still look like what it normally was.


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