Monday, June 15, 2009

The Loving YX

Normally, we will try to have dinner together with YX, so that he will understand it is meal time and will have to sit down together to eat. It is part of learning some table manners as well. However, if we were to work late, MIL will have to feed him earlier minus the sit down together dinner time.

Yesterday, since everyone were at home, we set up the dinner table and encourage YX to sit down together and eat. However, his butt just could not stick to the chair. It is because he saw XJ on the walker moving around freely and that diverted his attention. As I was very hungry at that time, I did not have the energy to bother him. Just as XJ 'walk' towards our dinner table (as it is quite high, so XJ actually went under the table), YX was happily playing with her over there. Then, I realised, there is no laughing sound from them. As I peeked, I was surprise that YX actually took a piece of cucumber, peel into small pieces and feed XJ!!!

Oh my! what a loving brother he is but I was shocked because he was feeding his little toothless 9 months old baby sister! I quickly stop him but XJ managed to swallow the tiny bits of cucumber. And I was glad that YX actually did not stuff the whole piece of cucumber into XJ's mouth.

As a going - to be 3 years old toddler, I can see he really loves his sister. Sometimes, we will tease him by telling him that we are giving away XJ to next door aunty and he will scream NO! NO! NO! There is even one time when my mum said she is going to bring XJ back to Johor and YX was there screaming again NO! NO! NO! Whenever I wanted to take photos of both of them, YX will automatically leans on her sister just like the picture below.

This picture was took at the Mines Shopping center when we went to the Malaysian Bookfair 2 weeks ago. Look at this mischevious boy. He likes to made funny faces whenever I wanted to take a photo of him.

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