Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Restaurant City @ Facebook

I think Facebook is a very common thingy now as almost everyone will use it regardless of age, race or nationality. Well, ever since my friend, K introduced me to Facebook, I'm addicted to Facebooking everyday. Now, I'm even more addicted because of the game. It is really fun! Thank you my friend!

Have you played on Restaurant City before? Well, it is quite an interesting game focusing on setting up a restaurants where you need to cook, serve and ensure the ratings of your restaurant increases. In certain level, you are only allowed to hire more employee or have a larger restaurants. You also have to ensure your employee are happy so they are able to work effeciently. In order to keep them happy, you can give them water to drink or food to eat or can even put them to rest! Here is my restaurants.

Well....I'm going over now to continue with my business! Go and try it yourself. Release some stress after a hard day at work!

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  1. Hi, sorry for kepoh-ing hehe ;-) Me nothing to do, so ma browse all your old posts that I missed... very interesting indeed :-) Eh, add me in FB lah -


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