Friday, June 5, 2009

Story Time

Recently, I've found a way to settle down YX to sleep in a less stressful way. I doesn't need to scream, smack or chase him out of the room, but just simply lie down on the bed enjoying our mother and son bonding. I told him stories. Those stories are my childhood stories which I still have some memories on them. However, I admit that I did amend some of the contents because I have forgotten the actual line.

To my surprise, YX enjoyed them. He will request for one after another until I ran out of story to tell him. Then, I will have to made up my own story which involves his daily activities. He loves them too. After telling him some 4 to 5 short stories, I will then said Good night to him and he seems to understand that it is time to sleep.

As for XJ, she is a good girl ;) . She will roll on the bed and sleep on her own without any problem. Oh dear, my boy requires more attention then my girl!


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