Monday, June 29, 2009

ZOO Melaka

We had a very spontaneous plan yesterday morning. Woke up at around 8 am, bathe my two little ones, made milk for them and getting ready to go out for breakfast with hubby. While I was washing the milk bottles, YX came and told me that he wanted to go to the ZOO. Hubby then said why not we bring him to the Melaka Zoo (since we already went to the Zoo Negara last year).

Since both my parents are still at my brother's house, I invited them to tag along. Wah...really very spontaneous and they agreed saying they are also free at home. So we had to cancel our breakfast plan and drove to my brother's house in empty stomach. Ohh...I was so hungry! Luckily mum had some cakes at home, so hubby & I had a very quick breakfast and off we went to Melaka at around 10.30 am. As the traffic was very smooth, we reached the Melaka Zoo before 12 noon. The sun was scorching hot but we are full of excitment and knowing that the zoo planted a lot of trees, there will be shades. YX was so happy that his wish came true!

At the entrance of the Zoo (beside the ticketing counter). He was imitating the tiger's mouth, open widely.

He saw some flamingoes and he even noticed that flamingoes stand with 1 leg. So, here he is imitating how the big bird stands! So cheeky.

Am glad that he knows how to differentiate black and white color. He told us he saw 1 BLACK and 2 WHITE swan. After this photo shot, he refuse to leave the swan and demanding my dad to accompany him for a little while more. The dotting grandfather agreed. However, when he saw us leaving, he got no other choice but to follow behind.

His michevious look! Whenever there is photo taking, he will made funny faces.

Choo choo train! We rides on the train for a fast view of the whole zoo. After the train ride, we only walk 1/4 of the zoo and decided to go back because very hot and tired.

Little XJ also enjoying herself. She is such a good baby! ;) Even the weather are hot, and she is sleepy, she did not made a fuss. She even can laugh when my mum tickle her. While in the car (back to Seremban), she slept after a bottle of milk.


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