Friday, July 3, 2009

Aqua Doodle

The other day when hubby and I went window shopping, we saw this and thought, it might be good for YX to draw. However, it is a bit pricey, but after a few thoughts, we bought it anyway.

This is the drawing mat. Bigger than the normal drawing board YX had at home. It is a piece of cloth-like material and can be fold for easy keeping.

This is the pen for drawing. The cap can be open to fill up with water, and the tip of the pen is like cotton bud which will absorb the water. Once the drawing is dry, it will magically disappeared and you can draw again.
It looks interesting to us, but not for YX. He does not show any interest in this mat but prefer his old drawing board. Even it is already broken, he still likes to use his drawing board. Ha...maybe he just does not have the patient to wait for the drawing to dry up before he could draw again.


  1. Sometimes its dissapointing to see that the thing we as parents bought didn't appeal to the child after all. I too have bought some toys for my son before,thhinking he will like it, but instead he seems indifferent towards it. Felt like I shouldn't have been too ambitious in buying toys for him.

  2. Haha..Alice, my son not only choosy about toys, but on cloths as well. I once bought a nice collar shirt for him (thinking he will look very handsome wearing it), but he just HATE the collar. Till now, it has been a good 1 year, the shirt is sleeping in the drawer and he still refuse to wear it! He likes sleevless T-shirt (like those basketball players).

  3. Oh-ol, now I'm starting to wonder whether all those baju I bought for him to last him through his 4 years old up to 8 yrs, whether he'll wear them or not!? I bought mixtures of collared polo shirts, collarless T-shirts and those sleveless basketball T-shirts. I'm scared those baju buy, buy, buy, in the end he doesn't want to wear.


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