Monday, July 13, 2009

Bed Wetting

Before YX turns 2, he was successfully potty trained, even there were times he will wet his pants. After a few trials, it became perfect. As he progress, MIL even trained him to take off his own pants and go to the toilet on his own. Only when I am at home, YX will 'manja' me asking me to accompany him to the toilet and 'manja' me to help him to wear his pants. * Grin * I'm spoilling him! ;-)

Anyway, during bedtime every night, I do put on the diaper for him just in case he wet the bed. As he has been quite good in keeping dry throughout the night most of the time, I tried to avoid using the diaper on him (due to he will complaint of itchiness on his butt). Just as I did not put on the diaper on him on Friday night, he WET MY BED!!!!

As I was working the next morning, I get MIL's help to hang the bedsheet out to dry (I put them into the washing machine before I went off to work). MIL was so kind to even fold them neatly by the time I came back from work. Then, I told myself I must remember to put on the diaper for YX in future so he will not wet my bed again.

Last night, as we were in the bedroom getting ready to sleep, YX refuse to go to the toilet. I thought maybe he really does not have pee (as he already pee an hour ago before we went up to the bedroom). As I was too tired, I slept before he did. Thus, I did not put on the diaper for him again! Luck was not on my side. I woke up at around 1.30 am and found that He WET MY BED AGAIN!

I got no choice but to force myself to get up in the middle of the night and changed to a new sheets and put the dirty one to the washing machine. By the time I woke up, the laundry are ready for me to hang them out to dry. Luckily, Mr Sunshine was there for me. MIL was surprised this morning when she saw me hanging the blanket and bedsheets. Then she even made me felt better by saying "YX drank a lot of 100 plus last night which cause him to have lots of pee".

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