Friday, July 31, 2009

Fifth day at school

This morning, YX wakes up without any fuss and drank his milk as usual. However, he adds another worry to me. When I asked him to go to the bathroom to wash up, suddenly he vomitted. There goes all his milk. I asked him if he was having any stomach ache? and he said no. Then why did you vomit??? He looked at me blur blur and doesn't know how to answer.

^^^^^^ Fast forward ........... ^^^^^^^^

YX seems to understand school better. Not that he is being cooperative, but he knows mama and Ah Ma will not accompany him to the school. He knows he will cry and he kept on repeating this sentence to me "Mama come with me to school. Later I CRY HOW ? Later I want to look for you how?" So heartbreaking upon hearing such word.

Once arrived at the school entrance, he does not want to get down from the car. Not even allowing MIL and I to hold his hand this time. So no other choice, one of the teacher got to DRAG him out of the car and carrying him while he was there crying and screaming for us!

I managed to have a short conversation with the principal and was told that YX will normally cry for a while, then he will join the other children to sing and dance together.

Oh boy! I'm getting more immune to such situation already. I began to accept this is part of the challenge we parents (if not all, then some) have to go thru. Hope my boy will outgrown this phase soon.

4th day at school


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