Friday, July 10, 2009

Finding Pre-school for YX

Soon, YX will be old enough to enter pre-school. The thought of enrolling him into pre-school seems to be an ease for MIL (as YX will be away for at least half a day), but the task to find a good pre-school is such a tedious job! Hubby and I had been driving around our housing area looking for a kindie whenever we got the chance to come back early from work.

Our hard work paid off as we found 3! Not many, but at least there are enough for us to made comparison on finding the best.

Kindie No. 1
- Compare to the other 2, this is the nearest to our house.
- Corner lot (double storey terrace house). Small area. No playground.
- Emphasize more on English
- No exams, no homework for 4 years old kid
- small group (only 10 students and below in 1 class with 1 teacher)
- only learn alphablets (A - Z) and numbers (1 - 10), some art works, music
- No uniform
- Have to take out shoes before entering
- Fees at RM240 / month (For half a day 8.30 am - 1.30 pm) (exclude misc fees, books, music, etc ). After calculating, fees is roughly RM2900 / year. *include 1 snacks at 9 am*

Kindie No. 2
- About 2 - 3 minutes drive away from our home
- Corner lot (double storey terrace house) but bigger than kindie No.1. No playground
- Emphasize more on Chinese
- 2 exams in a year. Small amount of homework
- Larger group (about 15 students and below per class with 1 teacher)
- Learn A - Z, 1 - 10 and writting chinese characters, and arts, music
- Required Uniform (RM15/set x 2)
- Have to take out shoes before entering
- Fees at RM165 / month (half a day 8.30 am - 1 pm) (exclude misc fees, books, etc). Did not calculate the whole year fees as not really interested in this kindie. * Includes 1 snacks at 9 am*
* Looks old and dirty.
* Bad odour inside the kindie

Kindie No. 3
- About 2 - 3 minutes drive away from home
- Cornor lot (2 units of double storey terrace house). The biggest among the other two kindie above.
- With a playground (plastic material)
- Emphasize on 3 languages (major in english)
- 4 exams in a year (however the principal explain that it is more towards assessments). Small amount of homework (2nd half year onwards)
- About 15 students in a class with 1 teacher
- Teaches Bahasa, Chinese, English and Science, computer, arts
- Reading simple story books rather than learning ABC
- Learn to write simple chinese characters
- Required uniform (RM29/set x 2) and 1 T-shirt (RM15)
- Required to wear socks and shoes (just like attending primary school)
- Fees at RM163/ month (half day 8.30 am - 12.00 pm) (exclude misc fees, books, etc). After calculating, fees is roughly RM2560 / year. * have to bring own snacks*

Haa.....after some comparison, hubby and I prefer Kindie No.3. The environments, facilities and first impression of the kindie won our heart. It is really a beautiful and clean kindie. The way the principal explain to me on what will be taught are clear and am very happy with the method they use. It is very organize and systematic.

However, I was shocked when the principal showed me the books required. A total of about 10 books for a 4 year old!!!! I did not really count how many, but from the pile she showed me, I figure out it is about 10 of them. And those books are only for the use in the 1st half year, while the remaining half year, parents will have to purchase another set of books! * blink eye at the principal for not believing a 4 y.o have to read so many books* However, the principal explain again that each subject will only be taught once a week (1 or 2 subjects a day) so the little children will not get confuse.

Awww...... confuse, confuse. We as parents are even more confuse. Now, as a crazy mother, I sometimes wonder, will my precious YX be kidnapped when he goes to the kindie? Aaaaaaa.......


  1. isn't it fun finding school for your lil one? i remember when i was finding school for qiqi, i went to so many school, peep at how classes are conducted, and now she is already 2nd yr in kindi. How time flies..all the best to you!

  2. Thank you Chinnee. Yes, finding school is fun in a way, but it is a big headache too.

  3. Thank you Chinnee. Yes, finding school is fun in a way, but it is a big headache too.


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