Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flu bugs

Here comes the flu bugs. They are attacking both YX and XJ. Actually YX caught the flu bugs last week when he went over to be with my parents. Well, my mum was the one who was down with flu. Look how fast the bugs attacked the weak ones.

When YX came back to be with us, the bugs transfered to baby XJ. Ahh.....terrible.

YX is getting better now, but XJ is down with flu and cough. Poor baby. She does not have any appetite to eat. Her milk consumption is already consider little (at 10 months she is still taking 4 Oz, while most of the time she only managed to drink 3 Oz), and now she could not even finished 3 Oz ! She also does not have any appetite for porridge.

Last night, she coughed in the middle of her sleep and woke up crying. I quickly carried her and rocked her to sleep. Luckily she fell asleep after about 2 -3 minutes of crying. However, when I put her down on the bed, she began to cry again. At the end, I carried her on my arm for almost 30 minutes before I slowly put her down on the bed. Finally, she slept.

So far, I did not bring her to see any doctor. MIL gave her Eu Yan Sang's Bo Ying Compound for 2 days already and today is consider the 3rd. If she is not getting any better, am going to bring her to see the pead. Sometimes, chinese medicines are good, but I believe they does not always work on some babies.


  1. Recently I too, had flu which lasted for 1 week plus, and along the way, I passed it to my husband and Juan Or. As of now, my flu is gone, but my cough is still there. Hope your children will eventually recover without too much problem for you.

  2. Ohh...Alice, hope you and family will get well soon. Take care.

  3. Ohh...Alice, hope you and family will get well soon. Take care.


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