Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fourth day at school

Things did not get easier for me even today is already the fourth day YX attended school. Instead, it get WORST ! YX refuse to go to school today. He was making a fuss right in the morning where we were all rushing to go to work. He refuse to get up from bed and kept repeating that he wanted to SLEEP !

Scene No. 1
Me : Wake up, time to get ready for school
YX : I don't want. I want to sleep
Me : After school, you can come back to sleep

* YX whinning on the bed reluctant to wake up *

Scene No. 2 (Manage to coax him to the bathroom to wash up)
MIL : YX be a good boy and go to school, later Ah ma buy KFC for you ok
YX : No
MIL : I thought you want to eat KFC ?
YX : I don't want go to school, so I don't want KFC

* For the past few days, he had been requesting for KFC. He loves the fried chicken and the butter bun. However, he rather choose not to eat just because he does not want to attend school * FAINT


Scene No. 3 (Another achievement ~ managed to coax him to get into the car)
YX : Ah ma and mei mei go together
Me : Ok ok.....we go together but you must be a good boy. After dropping you in school, we have to leave.
YX : Ok. We all go together to school arr.....


Scene No. 4 (At the school entrance)
As usual, YX refuse to get down from the car, unless we did. Holding to my hand tightly, we enter the school. The rest of the may continue on your own.

At least today MIL share the heart breaking moments with me..........the moments which breaks my heart terribly. ;-(

If YX were to compete in the SCREAMING competition, I bet he will be the CHAMPION !

3rd day at school

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  1. Oh dear! But no choice...YX still has to go to school, right?


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