Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fresh Air on Sunday

Due to our nature of work, we seldom have the chance to bring both YX & XJ for an evening walk or play at the playground. They are always confined at home, unless MIL needs to go out for some errands and will have to bring both of them. Otherwise, they will usually be facing the four walls at home.

Hubby then made it a point to bring them out for some FRESH AIR on every Sunday morning, the only morning of the week which we are free.

Baby XJ enjoying the view at the park

Look at how comfortable she is.

Her trademark - sticking out her tounge.

Mischevious YX with his funny looks. Saw that piece of bread in his right hand? That is for feeding the tortoises and fishes in the pond.

Instead of showing the sign 'peace' he showed 3.
Tomorrow, we will be going again to 'inhale' the fresh air. It is indeed very refreshing !


  1. good practise.. at least Seremban not that busy busy like in KL, and we will have to find a really secluded place to have fresh air! I miss the days I spent in Seremban too!

  2. Ahh....quality family time! And the kids enjoyed themsleves too!

  3. We frequent this park quite often too. It's the City Park in S2 right?

  4. Cynthia ~ Yes, agree. Seremban is very nice place to stay.

    Alice ~ We really treasure this precious Sunday to be with the kids. Healthy lifestyle. hehe

    ChloeRuoyi ~ Oh coincidence. Yes is the S2 City Park.


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