Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting Ready for Preschool

After some discussion with hubby as well as MIL, we had decided to enrol YX to the kindie for this coming August class into Kindie No 4. We hope he is ready for it. And we do hope the kindie we had choosen are suitable for him.

In order to get YX ready for the kindie, everynight before bedtime, I will be telling him " Boy, you are a big boy now. So papa and mama will be sending you to school".

One night .....

Me: Boy, you are a big boy already .... (before I could finish the sentence, YX said...)
YX: I will be going to school already I continue

Me: Papa and Mama go to work, YX will stay with teacher and friends, ok
YX: No, I don't want.
Me: Why?
YX: I want papa to hold my hand
Me: *smilling* No, cannot. Papa and mama need to work. We will not be able to accompany you
YX: Later I CRY, HOW?

Hahaha....This boy. He really make us laugh all the time.

Now the big worry - is YX really ready for school? I wonder.


  1. Hahahaha....cute boy with cute answers! Well, whether or not he is ready for school, he still has to go to school, right? Just as the saying goes, "You learn to walk by walking", so too "You get ready for school by going to school!" :-) Hehehe....

  2. Seems like your boy really can speak very well now :) So fast going to school ... I wonder when will be my Angel's turn :)

  3. Alice: He sometimes surprise us with his answers. ;-)

    MommyAngel: Haha...enjoy this moment with Angel first. When she is ready for school, you will wish her to stay at home with you. ;)

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog :D yeah..your boy's speech is really good :) i'm sure he'll enjoy himself at the kindy :D


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