Friday, July 17, 2009

Giant - Citibank credit card

Few weeks ago, hubby and I went to Giant Hypermarket to do some shopping and I was being 'bugged' by this so-call marketing guy promoting the Giant - Citibank credit card. He was praising the credit card sky high and brain-washed me with all the benefits, so I fell into the trap and sign up for one.

Yesterday, I finally received the credit card, however I only opened the envelope this morning in the office. I like to do things in privacy and peace, without my kids disturbing me. So, office is the best place.

The requirement upon receiving this credit card is to spend 3 times within 45 days, and 20 times per year for the following year in order to waive the annual fee. This applies to any place we used and regardless of the amount being swipe.

Besides than the 2% rebates (spend in Giant Malaysia only) , if you are holding this card, you can purchase certain items at a very low price during promotion period compare to those who does not.

Anyway, more are yet to be explore. Maybe this card really do has the benefits which I've not found out yet. Let me use for a few months first, then only I will decide to keep it or not.


  1. Is the Giant's 2% rebate without any frills?

    Just to share with you, I have the Tesco-RHB credit card which so-calledly gives you 2% rebates on all days in a month and 5% rebate for the final weekend of the month. It turned out that becos they impose the rebate capping thing and that the rebate calculation goes through some 'funny' formula, so in the end, if I use the card only for purchases in Tesco, then the net rebate I actually get is only 0.8% for the so-called 2% rebate that Tesco claimed, and a net 2% rebate for the so-called 5% rebate.

  2. Really?? I've not shop at Giant yet, so do not know how the rebate works. However, I just found out that we are entitled to the rebates only after using the card for 6 MONTHS!!!!

  3. I'm holding a Ambank credit card which claimed could get cash rebate as much as 10% on petrol and grocery, but nothing is rebated when I received the bill!


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