Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jakarta Bomb

By now, most of you will have read about the Jakarta bombing. I was shocked when I read about this news yesterday afternoon via the NST Online. Well, I do not have any relatives or friends in Indonesia but BOTH MY PARENTS AND 3 RELATIVES ARE HOLIDAYING IN JAKARTA AT THIS MOMENT !!!!

After reading that news, I quickly smsed my cousin and am glad to receive her reply in a minute. She was saying that they were unaware of the bombing and are now (as at yesterday 17/7/09) in Bandung. They will only be travelling to Jakarta today (18/7/09). I was really worried.

This trip to Indonesia was actually a hesitating one. My parents and relatives booked their flight tickets via Air Asia since late last year (during promotion period) and only paid RM80 nett for return tickets. As they were looking forward for this trip, the H1N1 outbreak happen. They were about to give up this holiday but decided to go ahead after that. They waited till the very last day where the travel agent urged them to made payment for their ground arrangement. Keeping their finger crossed, they even joked that they will self quarantine for a week after this holiday to avoid the virus from spreading (if any). * Touch wood *

And now, the bombing happen. Ahh...looks like this trip to Indonesia is a challenging one.

I've learnt this sentence thru Fish Fish's blog, 3 times, a charm. Hopefully no more happening which will make my heart 'pop out'.


  1. Oh dear .... you must be really worried until they are back I guess. I am sure they will be alright .... they must have a lot to talk about and share with thier relatives once they are back :)

  2. Yes MommyAngel. I'm certainly worried to death. Luckily I managed to contact my cousin's hp. Otherwise, I don't think I can sleep & eat!


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