Friday, July 31, 2009

Milk milk....

Both YX and XJ are consuming Wyeth milk powder since birth. Ashamed to admit that I only managed to breastfed both of them for 1 month (XJ for nearly 2 months) and 100% on formula after that. I do not have the determination to continue with my breastfeeding because lack of support. I know, I can only blame myself for that, however, I'm happy with the Wyeth milk so far.

I joined as the clubmember way back in 2006 when I was expecting YX and had been collecting the milk powder scoops for gift redemption. So far, I had redeemed 3 sets of storybooks, MPH vouchers and the latest redemption is a toy ~ Hasbro clipo . I saw this toy was sold in Giant Hypermarket for RM60. Ooohhh....only 30 pieces and it is really pricey.

XJ trying her hands with the clipo

She can freely play with the toy because YX was watching Ultraman with his cousin at that time. Otherwise, YX will surely snatch the toys away from her.

Ahh....she can have the whole bucket to herself without disturbance.


  1. Good for her! Koko is too occupied to compete the toy with her! :-)

  2. Yes least she can play with her toys peacefully. hehe...


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