Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photos @ The Brazillian Buffet

As mentioned in my earlier post, I've successfully 'steal' these photos from my SIL's facebook! Hahaha.....anyway, she won't mind! Photos are for sharing!

If time permits, I wish to dine in this place again.

Sorry for the lousy photos. I editted them using Paint. I just wanted to show how the meat are being served from the skewer to our plate. The waiter will use a sharp knife to cut/push down the meat from the skewer. FIL who is those impatient type asked the waiter to empty the whole skewer and the waiter was so kind and obliged. Hehe....since it is a buffet, we can eat as much as we wanted (no time limit as well), so whenever the waiter goes round the table to serve, our table will order him to 'finish' up the whole skewer (be it prawns, calamari rings, chicken wings or hotdogs). Except for mutton, beef and venison, we eat in smaller portion (only requested the waiter to cut a small piece each). Not surprising, ours is not the only table who do that. The table at the other corner, who also have a big group, requested the waiter to serve the whole skewer of meat onto their plate. Looks like we human does not like to wait! hehe....
Will definately visit this place again....if time permits. With this two little one, it will never be easy to eat BUFFET.

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