Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Revealing Kindie No.4

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Its about the preschool again. This few days or weeks, you will be reading a lot of my post regarding YX's preschool. Well, I'm as excited as YX is. This is the FIRST time he is entering a school. This is also the FIRST time he will be away from his grandma (my MIL), and us (the parents) to be with some 'strangers' for at least half a day.

This morning, I've finally went to his preschool again for a second inspection. Wow...sound so serious isn't it? I went again today because the 1st time when I was there, it was already 3 pm and all the students had left. Today, I contacted the principal to ensure that it is convenience for me to drop by in the morning (around 9.30am) so I could view / experience how the students attend classes. In the meantime, I can meet the teacher personally and can see how big the group is, in each class.

The answer?

Well, I'm very satisfied. Hope I'm not being too easily satisfied.

The class for 4 y.o are small (only about 10 students). 4 students at the aged of 3 joined in that class so the teacher could teach them to regconised and write simple ABC. YX will be joining that class soon. ;-)

The principal even 'test' the 4 y.o students by asking them how to pronounce

'S' 'A' , and the students will reply very quickly SA
'T' 'U' , and the students will reply TU , and automatically they said 'SATU'

Ha....they sound so cute.

Then, the principal 'test' the 6 y.o students by calling 2 of them to read the Ladybird story book (to me it looks difficult for a young kid because it involve a lot of words) and the 2 of them can read real well! They pronounce very clearly and can recognised each word correctly.

Being the overly worried mum and wanted the best for YX, I'm happy to have found this kindie. Therefore, I've registered YX for this coming August 2009 class. Total, I've paid RM487 which includes
- Registration fee (RM20) Only pay once
- Misc fee (RM117) Suppose to be RM140, but principal give discount ;-)
- August fee (RM140) have to pay monthly
- Insurances (RM20) only pay once
- Nov fee (RM140) have to pay in advance
- Uniforms (RM50 for 2 sets) only pay once, unless required to purchase a new set

The name of the kindie? It is called "TASKA UNGGUL"

YX seems to be very excited (when we were in the car), but he turned to be a very shy boy when we reached the kindie. He dare not open his mouth to talk but only nod and shake his head. When I wispered in his ear "Do you want to come to school ?", he replied "YES". However, when the principal asked him the same question, he shake his head. Haha....

The principal is a very young lady and seems to like children very much. She is very friendly and before we left, she asked YX to Hi-5 with her and glad that YX did, but with his face quickly turning to me and smile shyly. Then, the principal said " worries. Like that he is very easy to persuade'. Most, he will cry for 2 weeks and you can rest assured he will be fine after that'.

Haa....2 weeks! Oh my......that is long. Anyway, the principal even invited YX to start class on this coming Mon (27/7/09) and allowed me to stay back with him for a few hours.

I'm looking forward for this coming excited. Like I'm attending the school instead. haha......

* I brought my camera along, but after talking to the principal, I forgot to take photos. After I left the kindie, while driving, only I realised that. Blur blur me. Otherwise, I will be able to share some photos here with you all. *

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  1. Hahaha....the mummy is probably even more excited about school than the son...:-)


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