Saturday, July 11, 2009


A few days ago, I had posted on 'sharing toys' between my two children, and yesterday night, MIL told me about the snatching toys between the two little ones again.

While XJ was playing quitely with the block / puzzle type of toy, out of no where, YX came and snatched her toys away. Of course XJ was very angry. Yes, a little baby will also get angry! She was crying and crawling to search for her toys which was being snatched away by her naughty brother.

YX on the other hand, was sitting at the corner happily playing with his toys which he successfully snatched from baby XJ (he always succeed in snatching toys anyway) and was arranging the block / puzzle type of toy on the floor neatly.

Baby XJ who was still crying finally saw her toys and move slowly to where YX was playing, hold up her tiny hand, and gave the toys a big PUSH, resulting all the toys scattered on the floor. She is taking a REVENGE!

Now, it was YX's turn to scream! MIL laugh her whole heart out looking at the 'loving two' brother and sister. * Shake head*

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  1. knows about revenge too! Hehehe...


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