Thursday, July 30, 2009

Same Village but am not SHARING

FIL hired 2 foreign workers from Myanmar to work at the workshop for almost 1.5 years already. Day by day, FIL noticed that Worker A is more capable than Worker B. Thus, Worker A will normally gets to do overtime (OT) and earn more money.

As a generous boss, FIL will occasionally buy them chicken, pork and vege from the wet market. Partly, also to reduce their financial burden (as they will have to send money back to their family in Myanmar). This has been going on since they first arrived.

Recently, FIL caught Worker B cheating on the OT. As we are using the punch card system, Worker B has the gut to punch the card later than he is working. eg, he was off at 5 pm, but he quietly sneaked to punch his card at 5.30 pm. Even it is only a 0.5 hour, however FIL dislike people to cheat and therefore, confronted him.

Speaking in broken english and malay, Worker B raised his voice at FIL while showing his dinner for that night. "I eat vege only, Worker A got babi (pork), ayam (chicken). I no money, can only makan vege."

Then, FIL mentioned on the meats he used to buy for them and Worker B said from the 1st day till today, he had never got the chance to eat those meats as WORKER A did not SHARE with him !!!

Ohh...poor guy. He has been on 'vegetarian' since working here. As he did not voice that out, we did not know at all!!! He must have misunderstood that FIL only buy those meat for Worker A, which are meant for them to share.

However, I do not know what was Worker A response as I was not there to witness this incidents. I heard this when FIL told MIL about it.


  1. Hahaha one man's meat is another man's... jealousy! Worker A would surely say "Huh, you mean, I'm supposed to share it??" and look blur...

  2. Chloe & Alice ~ Yup, its jealousy!!

    SP ~ This is a true story (Kisah Benar)


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