Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Second day at school

Yesterday, I went back home at 5 pm sharp. So eagerly to reach home to talk to YX regarding his school. At the door step, YX was smilling happily upon seeing me.

Me : Are you a good boy today ?
YX : No !
Me : Why? What have you done ?
YX : I cry at school lor. After you left I was looking for you !!!

Aaawww....poor boy.

Me : So, do you still want to go to school tomorrow?
YX : YES !!
Me : You sure ?
YX : YES !!

Aaahhh...I was so glad upon hearing this.

This morning, on the way to school ~

Me : Boy, you stay with teachers and friends, ok?
YX : No !! I want mama to be with me.
Me : Sorry boy, mama need to work.
YX : Mama don't go and work la.
Me : Cannot ! If I did not work, how to buy milk, sweets, drawing board and books for you.
YX : And also buy underwear, pen and toys ok.

** hahaha....don't know why he mentioned the underwear **

When we reached the school, YX was pulling my hand asking me to accompany him. Ok, so I did. However, today I brave myself to be more 'heartless' and left 30 minutes after that even I heard him screaming for me.

Wonder how is he now........ ;-(

1st day at school


  1. Looks like YX actually likes school, it's just that he likes to manja with you by showing those separation anxiety antics. Never mind, enjoy those moments when YX shows it all out to the world that he yearns for your presence because by the time he reaches his teens, he probably won't want to be seen together with his mummy anymore because big boy already mah! Hehehe!...;-)

  2. wow.. screaming even...


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