Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It is never easy to ensure both YX and XJ share out their toys. Especially YX, as he always like to snatch toys from XJ. Whether he wanted to play with the toys or not is another thing. Sometimes, he will just snatched the toy away from her little hand and throw it aside. He will rather see the toys lying on the floor untouch than allowing XJ to play with it.

We had tried to explain to him but to no avail. One fine day, while both of them are in the bedroom, I was surprise to see them sharing. It is a good sign!

However, the sharing session does not last long. ;(


  1. Good to see that finally the brother shares his toys with his little sister.

    And how the sharing session does not last long reminds me of my elder brother. When my elder brother went to kindergarten on the 1st day, I accompanied him becos I eagerly wanted to go to school too ( I was 4 yrs old ). I remember the teacher gave him a set of tiny ladders type of toy to play with. You know how my brother 'shared' his toy with me? He merely gave me one piece of the tiny ladder to play with while he helped himself to the 20 or so tiny pieces of ladder all for himself only! I guess most kids are naturally selfish LOL!

  2. must be happy to see such scenario right? my kids do share to but very seldom :(

  3. Alice - It is true kids are naturally selfish. YX sometimes do share toys with XJ. He is just as what you mentioned, give ONE (1) piece of his toy to XJ and keep the remaining for himself.

    Mum to QQ - It depends on YX's mood on that day. If he is happy, he will share otherwise, poor baby XJ will be left there staring at him playing. hehe....


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