Thursday, July 23, 2009

Surprises !

This morning, I had a great surprise. It is not a big deal, but she makes my day!

Well, I arrived at the OCBC bank right on the spot they opened the door for business. I'm just lucky to get the ticket number 0001, which means, I'm the first customer of the day. As my number was being called, I was greeted by this smilling and cheerful young lady to assist me. However, it is not business I'm giving them, but to CANCEL my credit card.

Anyway, this young lady chat with me a little while and proceed to fill up the necessary form for the cancellation. Just as I stood up, getting ready to leave, this young lady handed me a goodies bag ! I was rather surprised.

The goodies bag does not contain any expensive items but only 3 brochures featuring their new products, 1 small note pad and a bottle of mineral water. However, such little items really makes my day because :

First, I've withdrawn to be their customer
Second, I'm not their big customer all these while. I seldom use their credit card.
Third, I don't think I'm entitled to that goodies bag by cancelling my credit card, but I got it anyway.

Well, thank you Ms Lim. A little gesture like that is enough to made me happy ;-)

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  1.'s always nice to receive goodie bags for whatever reasons and it doesn't matter whether the goodie bag contains cheap things or expensive things....whatever it is, a goodie bag is always nice to take home to :-)


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