Monday, July 6, 2009

Where has my memories gone to?

My memories has been getting from BAD to WORST. I can't seems to remember even the slightest thing.

SIL recently baked her own Oreo Cheesecake and told me to bring some to office for breakfast. I, as a cheesecake lover agree and thanks her. However, came morning and I forgot all about it! Then, she reminded me again in the evening but I still forgot the next morning! ;-(

The other day, MIL bought some praying candles (for the use in FIL's workshop), and I made a reinbursement and supposed to give her back the money after work. However, once I reached home, I totally forgotten about the money. And ashamed to say that I have kept the money in my bag for 2 days only I realised it.

There are also cases where I forgot what I wanted to take after I open the fridge. Sometimes, while taking shower, I told myself that I must do this and that, but after the shower, my memories seems to be wash away!

Is my memories really fading? Some told me that after delivery, our memories will NOT be as sharp as before. How true is that?


  1. Same for me leh. Starting from middle of my pregnancy onwards, till now, I find my memory is not as sharp as last time. Nowadays, I tend to forget where i put something, then when i want it, I can't remember where I put it. Or if I'm in the midst of doing something and is forced to stop and do something else, then that thing that I was doing previously I tend to forget and leave out just like that. The worst part is I only remember where I left off when my husband starts to nag about why that thing is left there.

    There was one time I wanted to take my son's storybooks (thin books only) upstairs to keep, but along the way, something required me to put the books aside first and quickly attend to it. Later, I forgot totally about the books and later I went looking for the books, cannot find already. Many days later, I discovered the books ended up in one plastic bag containing all the advertisement papers that are meant for recycling! Probably, my in-laws accidently took that books plus other advetisement leaflets together and put into that plastic bag when kemas rumah. Luckily I saved those books in time before the recycle plastic bag is handed over to those old newspaper seller!

  2. hahaha...what an experience. I think we have to eat more ginko nuts.

  3. also like this liao. they said once we give birth before, our memory will start to get worst...

  4. Mum to QQ - I think our memeories all given out to our baby already. No wonder toddler's memories are so good.


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