Saturday, July 4, 2009

Why YX likes gong-gong so much!

Since my parents stayed over for a week at my brother's house, YX also went over to sleep with them. He is so attached to my father, till not allowing my father to even take a 5 minutes toilet break! Do you know what he will do when dad is in the toilet? YX will knock on the toilet door, calling out 'gong-gong' 'gong-gong' until my dad comes out from the toilet. *slap forehead*

10 reasons why YX loves gong-gong so much is because :

gong -gong will

1) buy him 'Smarties' or 'M & M' chocolates
2) bring him to see monkeys (a few minutes drive away from my brother's house, there is an undeveloped area with plenty of trees and lots of monkeys).
3) play Lego with him
4) teach him ABC & 123
5) Tell him stories during bedtime
6) never BEAT him and never USE CANE
7) treat him like a 'KING'
8) bring him on the motorcycle ride
9) buy him dinosour and farm animal toys
10) draw for him (upon YX request on what to draw)

gong-gong really entertain him. Or shall I say gong-gong really PAMPER him.


  1. ah.. qong qong... always there to spoil the grandchildren to pieces! i love my qong qong too! :)

  2. haha...I'm not that lucky then. Since birth, both my grandfather (maternal & paternal) side already in heaven. Never seen them before.

  3. My father-in-law also manja my son one. He even insists that I should not teach my son by scolding...must say nice nice, not scold. LOL


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