Monday, August 3, 2009

All about the school again ....

By now, it is the 2nd week YX attended school. Last week he went to school for 5 days and cried for 5 days. However, this week, there are some improvement. He DID NOT cry anymore!!!!

Hurray!!! I was so happy seeing him getting down from the car without shedding any tears. Even he refuse to walk on his own, at least he is willing to let the teacher to carry him. But he was showing a very sour face!

Well, hubby has actually promised something to him. "If you did not cry in school today, papa will let you blow bubbles". Haa...there is always a price to pay for something. Just like gong-gong used to say that YX will need to be 'rasuah', then only he will agree to do something. ;-)


  1. clap clap for YX!! and see mummy, now you can have big big smile.. :D


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