Saturday, August 29, 2009

Birthday birthday

Both YX & XJ were born on the same month - September, with 5 days apart. As XJ will be turning 1 year old, we have decided to celebrate her birthday with YX being the guest instead. hehe......

Actually our initial plan was to combine both birthday together. However, due to the cake arrangement, we decided to emphasis more on XJ. Well, the story was like this.............

It started since December last year when I first saw my friend's daughter's brithday cake. It was so beautiful that I had plan for baby XJ (Even she was only 3 months old then). hahaha...... I search high and low for this type of cake around Seremban bakery shop, and found that the price was very expensive. It range between RM120 - RM200. Then hubby sugested jelly cake and I search online and found the shops are located in KL and thus, not convinnence for us to get it. I have blog about it here.

Isn't it beautiful ?? .........ohh.....I really like this cake. By the way, my friend bought this doll cake in Johor. (Photo courtesy of my friend E. I got this from her FB).

I gave up this idea after some thoughts because the price is just way too high and plan to get a simple birthday cake so I could combine their birthday together. However, last week as I visited a newly open bakery shop around my area, I changed my mind again. Yeah! This shop was currently running a Grand Opening Promotion and they do baked the 'doll cake' and the price is only RM60 nett ! A very good bargain !!! Afraid the taste is not good, we bought some cakes to try and it was not bad.

I was so happy when I knew about the price and quickly place an order and paid for the cake. The promotion is for the month of August only, but the cake can be collected in September. I just hope that they don't bake the cake too early and place it for display for weeks before I collect it on the 12 September. ^_^

See, because of the cake arrangement, we will have to exclude YX's name from the cake (not suitable for a boy). However, we will surely buy a mini cake for him on the 7 September. The day he turns 3.


  1. Happy Birthday in advance for both of the kids.. and I am sure they will enjoy that very much.. and I am practising to deco my cake so I can bake one for my princess when she turns 1.. muahhaa..

  2. Cynthia ~ Thks..... Wow...a good and dedicated mother. keep up the good job ;)


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