Monday, August 3, 2009

Bubbles time

We spend our quality family time inhalling fresh air again yesterday. Brought the kids to the City Park, S2 for some fun. This time, we brought along the 'bubbles set' for the kids to play. It was actually YX & XJ's first time playing with bubbles (except during bathe time, where I used to blow bubbles for them to poke!)

YX using the gun to 'shoot' out the bubbles. However, hubby was the one who was blowing the bubbles most of the time for him to chase.

Baby XJ enjoying herself. She was so happy and gave a loud laugh when she saw the bubbles floating in the air.

XJ even wanted to touch the bubbles, but it was beyond her reach. If only she could run like her brother.

YX was full of energy chasing the bubbles around, and was soaked with sweats!

Bleh........both showing their tounge !
We had a great time having fun together. I was also sweating like hell, turning around to follow their energetic moving body to snap pictures while hubby was out of breath! Haha....
When we saw YX was running up and down giggling while chasing the bubbles so happily, hubby then use this as a bait and tell YX " If you did not cry in shcool, papa will play bubbles with you again ok"? and glad that he remember what the father said. He did not cry in school today!


  1. Ya hoh...I should try bubbles with Juan Or one day! Thanks for the idea! :-)

  2. isnt it a great invention to have a bubble blower like that?

  3. wow... i love bubbles!!!
    can i hop in to have a photo taken with all the bubbles as background???

  4. Alice ~ Yes...should try with Juan Or. I bet he will love it!

    Mummy to QQ ~ But the gun does not blow a lot of bubbles comparing to the wand. Manually is better.

    SP ~ come come....we all love bubbles too!

  5. isnt it a great invention to have a bubble blower like that?


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