Thursday, August 6, 2009


I received a phone call from YX's kindie yesterday afternoon. When I saw the number appearing on my mobile phone, I got worried and start to think what had happen to my son. Did he bite other students in the kindie? Did he beat people? Or has my MIL forgotten to fetch him and teacher are calling to check what happen? many negatives thought came to my mind.

As I answered the call, I did not receive any good news either.

Teacher : Good afternoon YX's mother. Just to inform that our kindie will be close for 2 days (Thursday & Friday) because one of our student are down with HFMD disease. The students went for a short holiday somewhere and was unwell but his mother is unaware that he has this disease. Thus, he came to the school as well.

Me : Ohh....ok....thank you for informing. (Already got very worried about YX)

Teacher : Please also check on your son to see if he has any symptoms and bring him to the doctor immediately if he is unwell.

After a short conversation with the teacher, I put down the phone and started to get really worried about YX because I've know this diseases are contagious. True enough, as I check on him after I got back from work, he has mouth ulcer on both side of his mouth and one on his tounge. I also saw some small red spots on his lip and is having a mild fever.

Hubby and I quickly brought him to the clinic for a check up and was advised to seperate baby XJ from him because this disease usually attack young children and the weak ones. So, from yesterday night onwards, baby XJ slept with MIL. In order to seperate them during the day time, I've brought YX to my work place.

As usual, YX is very stubborn when taking medications. He refuse to eat even we offered him sweets and 100 plus + ice. As the doctor prescribe antibiotic for him, there is no other choice but to force him to eat. Today, he begin to refuse milk and other solids because of the pain in his mouth. Hope he will get well soon!

* From what I've read, if one school is infected by HFMD diseases, it should be closed for 1 to 2 weeks, but not sure why YX's kindie only required to close for 2 days (4 days to be exact which include Sat and Sun).


  1. Hmm... this is one of the reasons why I always hesitate sending Chloe to kindie too soon. It's quite inevitable, isn't it? I've seen so many mummies who have gone through this...

  2. aargg.. YX just started to 'like' school, and this happen.. I hope he feel well fast to go back to school and you have less worry in time to come.. and will pray for YX speedy recovery.. I hope the kindie infested the area properly for the next few days..

  3. Oh, dear! Hope he gets well fast and not get too cranky along the way!

  4. Oh My! I hope YX gets well fast and must take his food to fight the virus or germs.

  5. Chloe ~ Kindie is a place where kids are easily infected by all kind of viruses. But kindie is also a place they must attend. No escape.

    Cynthia ~ Now I'm worried he will not like school anymore. ;-(

    Alice ~ He IS cranky at times but we know the pain he is bearing.

    Marie ~ YX has been using cup to drink milk at this moment. A way to take off his milk bottle. hehe..hope it works!


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