Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm missing

Oh no. I have not been updating my blog regularly. Not because I'm not be able to online, but because I'm babysitting YX and my precious notebook became his entertainment. With him around, I'm unable to blog or sign into Facebook because he will be a nuisance disturbing me. Unless he is taking his nap, I could finally do my own things peacefully.

YX school will be closed up to the 31 August and for this whole weeks, I will have to pray for the Internet connection to be as perfect as possible so that I could load videos from the YouTube to entertain him. Recently, he has started to like Tweety Bird and will request to watch that cartoon over and over again.

With YX here with me, I've got the chance to understand him more. We spent almost 24 hours together (unless I took bathe and goes to the toilet) and am glad we could eat our 3 meals together. I've even let him try cereals with fresh milk (which he has never taste before) and he loves it. Soon, he will be going back to school and I'm gonna missed these moments.

Note: To my blogger friends ~ Sorry for not be able to read and post comments on your blog. Will try to do so once I have the time.

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  1. Hahaha....enjoy those precious moments. You'll be counting the days when those moments are over and the school is starting.

    About going missing....don't worry, I understand. I, too, went missing from the blogging scene since last week because I was very busy with marking exam papers, lab reports and assignments, attending a conference and later a workshop. Today is the day I'm freeier (marks already submitted to HOD!), but of course there are still a thing or two to do in office to prepare for next semester which starts next week. Not much time to breath! ^ ^

    By the way, can we be friends in Facebook?


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