Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kindie's dilemma

Just as YX went back to school after the HFMD outbreak, now the kindie is closed again. This time, it is for the H1N1. One of the student's elder sister's primary school had a few students down with H1N1. Never do they realised, they are also been infected with this virus as the little boy in YX's kindie developed a high fever and sore throat on Monday. He came to the school as usual, but the principal found that he was unwell and requested his mother to send him home.

The principal was afraid the virus might spread widely in the kindie and thus, closed until 31 August. Ahh....what a headache. But am thankful YX is healthy.

So, this little boy of mine came to 'WORK' with me again. Staying at home with MIL will only made her mad! hehe....


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