Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When the walker is out of order .....

Baby XJ at 8 months old

Baby XJ loves to cruise on her walker all over the house. She even 'walked' into the kitchen, busy exploring on her own. Recently, her walker was broken and inrepairable. MIL also suggested not to purchase a new one as sooner or later, she will be able to walk. So, no point getting a new one for her.

So.....without a walker, we will have to put her on the babychair whenever we wanted her to sit still.

Looks very quiet and gentle huh!

No. The truth is, she is not cooperative at all as she will climb up from her babychair. It is even more dangerous if she fell from this high chair. Whenever we put her on the babychair, we must be around to make sure she sits still and behave. Because within minutes, she will push up both legs and soon, she will be standing on the babychair!

But.......when we let put her down on the floor.....she will perform some stunts to give us some heartattack......

Climbing the stool. This is just the begining part. She will cross over to the other side of the stool and sometimes unbalance and fell hard on the ground.

Climbing on FIL's massage chair. She is not born in the year of monkey, but act like one. This is also just the beginning part. She had successfully climb on this massage chair many times with both hand holding to the side and both leg standing gracefully on the legging (where you rest your leg while having the massage). But, she does not know how to get down everytime she managed to climb up! hahaha...she will then yelling for you to carry her down. She also knows falling down is painful.

Once she holds on to the table, she will stand up immediately. Her art of standing are improving and she is stong enough to pull herself up. She will grab whatever on the table be it edible or not. There is once she even broke a plate of vegetables. Normally, we will take our dinner on this table in the living room, while watching tv. (The dinning table has turned into a storage table.......for us to put things instead of using it for mealtime). While hubby and I was having our dinner (where the others had already eaten), baby XJ was standing (like the picture above) and with her fast pace hand, she pulled down a plate of vege before we could stop her.
Without a walker, we have to make sure she is safe on the floor and be alert everytime she is standing or climbing. Just can't wait to see her walking. Baby XJ.....jia you !


  1. hahha.. she is so strong to disperse your bowl of veg ya.. yup, no need to buy a new one.. just jia you to train her walk can liao... and that time, you seriously 'cheong ngao chai'

  2. ha ha... interesting...
    but good lar, ur daughter is so active, probably very athletic next time...

  3. Cynthia ~ Ya...she made hubby & I eat less 1 vege that night ;-(

    SP ~ Ohh...athletic....hope so..... ;-)

  4. Hahahaha....since the baby walker rosak already, so everyone in the family has to keep an eye on her, since she's very mobile at this stage....which means leass peace and quiet time for everyone. ;-)

  5. Alice ~ We are all so busy keeping an eye on her, but she still managed to knock on the table / floor. hehee.....


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