Wednesday, August 5, 2009

YX 2nd week in school

Today is the 3rd day YX did not cry in school. How glad was I. However, he get down from the car with a very SOUR face and frowning all the time. I wonder if he really doesn't like school or he is still afraid to go to school?

How I wish I have the power to be invisible so that I can follow him to school and see how he interact with the other students there. I must be dreaming!

This morning, MIL fetched him to school so that I can come to the office on time. (For the past few days, I've been arriving to the office 30 minutes late). Since YX are willing to let the aunty / teacher to bring him into the school, MIL has taken over the job to fetch him to and from school.

This evening, we will be blowing bubbles again, as our promised!


  1. Haha...that's when grandparents come in handy! :-)

  2. good good.. and he will start to enjoy school next week..

  3. Alice ~ Ya....really appreciate the helps from both maternal and paternal grandparents. Lucky to have them around.

    Cynthia ~ Hopefully he really enjoy school.


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