Thursday, August 13, 2009

YX went to work

It has been a week since YX was down with HFMD which he contracted from the kindie he only went for 2 weeks (9 days to be exact after minus the weekends). He is finally well and we sent him back to school 2 days ago (Tuesday) and surprisingly, he did not cry and are willing to get down from the car without much of a problem. Maybe he has developed some love for the school. Haha....

When he was unwell, we have to seperate him from baby XJ, so I brought him to my office. Since it will be a long hour (8 - 5) and sometimes, hubby and I stayed back till 6 pm, I have to find a lot of activities to entertain him. The best tool is my notebook. Thanks god there is Internet and my favourite website is YouTube. I can download endless of cartoons, nursery rhymes and documentaries on animals for YX to watch. He can choose whatever he wanted to watch be it Popeye, Mickey Mouse, Pingu, SuperWhy or Patrick N' Friends for at least half a day before we break for lunch. Thanks god again, the Internet line did not have any disturbance and hence, can load the video in seconds. Sometimes, YX can be very impatient !

Besides than watching YouTube, YX loves to draw. We brought along his favourite toy (Drawing board) and he can spend some 30 minutes, sitting down quietly and draw. He can draw the same thing again and again, just like trying to find the most perfect drawing. And his favourites are Ultramen, Monster and Dinosaur (3 of these must be together).

I've tried to rotate the picture but failed.

100% drew by YX. Near the dinosaur tail is the Ultramen and on the left side is the monster.

When he got bored with drawing, I will offer him to do some coloring. He color so badly. haha......

Tried to rotate this picture as well, but failed.
After lunch, he will take a nap from 1.30 pm to 4 pm and I can do my things peacefully.

And when there is nothing else to keep him occupied anymore, this is the last resort. I bought some craft scissors for him to cut. At least this is something new for him, so he really enjoy doing it for nearly 2 hours.

Happy YX with his new toy.

Glad to say that YX has finally do without his milk bottle. He has been drinking his milk from the cup + straw since he was unable to suck during his mouth ulcers.

Note: Above photos are taken on seperate days.


  1. Good to see that YX didn't fuss and is willing to do the activities you offer to him when he's together with you in the office. Yes, I agree...the internet is really a God-send! Lucky for you also that you are working in your FIL's company. As for me, if I'm in your situation but working in other people's company, I don't think my Head of Dept. is happy to my child tagging along with me in the office. ;-)

  2. Wow, he can draw really well! Chloe is the opposite... she can colour very well but totally cannot draw at all hehe.

  3. Alice ~ If I were to work in somebody else office, I will have to apply for leave to care for YX. hehehe.....

    Chloe ~ YX loves drawing. He sometimes surprise us with his master piece.


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