Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Alphabet Balls

In another 4 more days, baby XJ will be turning 1 year old. Her little hands are more mobile now and could pick up things with her thumbkin and pointer. She will push your hand away when she refuse something you offered and just LOVES to put things into her mouth ! At this stage, we really have to keep an eye on her.

Her milk intake has finally increased. She is now taking 5 Oz of milk every 3 hourly. As usual, she is still taking 2 bowls of porridge daily. I did not take her weight but will be sending her for her injections (as per appointment) on the 16 Sept. Hopefully her weight will increase (as her previous appointment at the clinic shows a slight decline).

Recently, gong gong and po po bought a new toys for her. Well, it is meant to be share among the brother & sister anyway. They got it from Carrefour in Klang Valley area and only cost RM10. Cheap cheap !!

Balls everywhere on the floor. She will be happily playing with it, and I will be so busy picking them up one by one. Sigh.....

And when I keep them back into the box, she will take them out again and mess up the floor!


  1. as you pick up the balls, you can also train up your thigh muscles by doing half squat when picking up each ball.

  2. Yes, it's true...at this stage, babies/toddlers just love to put things into their mouth. Because of that, I dare to say that the person I look at most now on a daily basis is not my husband, but my toddler boy! Hehee...last time used to be hubby, but now no more!

    Good for her that her milk intake has increased.

    That toy is cheap! Yes, true, true, the baby syiok syiok play with the toy, we mummies are kept busy by picking up toys after them. ^ ^

  3. SP ~ Yes...taking care of them is my daily excersice. Really tired

    Alice ~ LOL...better keep an eye more on the little ones. Btw...picking up their toys are like repeating again and again EVERYDAY....


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