Friday, September 4, 2009

Bamboo Leg Huggers

Look at Baby XJ's legs ! Don't you think the Leg huggers are just so suitable for her at this age to protect her baby delicated skins ?

At this age (11 months), the only way to move around for baby XJ is CRAWLING. Due to the weather in Malaysia is hot and humid, we will normally dress her up as little piece of cloths as possible. Otherwise, you will be seeing her sweating with her thick hair wet and smelly.
However, we are unable to protect her knees from scrapes and abrasions due to crawling on the hard floor and sometimes, carpet. Her baby soft skin are just so easily 'injured'.
This morning, as I visited Singapore Kid's Places blog, I was delighted to find that there is a Giveaway Contest - Bamboo Leg Huggers going on. If baby XJ were to win a pair of these Leg Huggers not only her knees will be protected while crawling at home, her legs will also be protected from cold as well. I will have less worry if I were to bring her for a shopping spree where these places are fully airconditioned. The Leg Huggers are user friendly where it can be easily put on and take out which make the mummy and baby stress free. The design of the Leg Huggers are so fahsionable and they will look nice either on shorts or skirts.
As many are now concious about health and environment, fret not. This Leg Huggers are made from Sustainable Eco-friendly bamboo and it provides a natural UV protection, anti-bacterial and are allergic free. So, one does not need to worry when put them on baby soft and delicated skin. It can also be used to protect your child legs from mosquitoes bites.
You may visit The Organic Haven for more details and designs.

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  1. They really comes up with all sorts of marketing ideas :). Cute.Will it bunch up when the baby crawls?


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