Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Big Great 1

365 days ago, at this hour, hubby and I were at the labour room waiting for our precious baby's arrival. We were very excited (even this is our 2nd baby) because both of us DOES NOT know the gender of the baby and had been playing wild guesses.

Well, the long story goes like this. During my 1st pregnancy, I went for the monthly check up at a private gynea clinic recommended by hubby's friend (due to his wife also visited this gynea) and praising her sky high. Since it is a private one, the gynea always scan the baby for us to see (during the early pregnancy) and soon, she is able to scan the gender and told us 99% it is a baby boy. As a first time parents, we were both so excited.

However, the bills always burnt our pockets. The cheapest we paid was around RM70 and slowly, it increases to RM150. The amount we paid depends on what examinations was done that day and types of vitamins the gynea prescribed. In my 7th month, I decided to transfer to the government clinic for the follow up check up since we both decided to have the baby born in the government hospital. Well, $$$ trigger us to do that! If I were to deliver the baby in a private hospital, the bill will comes up to 2k or maybe more if there are complications.

What I can say is we DID NOT REGRET by doing that decision. My monthly check up at the government clinic inclusive of vitamins and blood test was FREE ! And the total bill we paid for YX's delivery was only RM33 nett.

When I had the 2nd baby, we both decided to goes government all the way till the baby was born. However, the doctor at the government clinic does not want to reveal the gender of the baby. Hence, both hubby and I were overly excited when we were in the labour room, waiting for the arrival of our little baby. And in my heart, I was praying for a baby girl..... :)

Happy FIRST Birthday Baby XJ !!!


  1. happy birthday dear Baby XJ.. may you have a healthy and happy days ahead of you!!! :D

  2. Happy Birthday Baby XJ, you are indeed mummy's wish came true!

  3. Happy Birthday XJ. Make sure eat Big Chicken Drumstick ya. :)

  4. Cynthia ~ Thank you

    Chloe ~ Thks.....and yes..mummy's wish came true.

    Smallkucing ~ Thks...did not buy her drumstick because till now (1 year old) she only got 2 teeth at the bottom front !

  5. Happy Birthday to Baby XJ!

    About going for the government sector, yes, for me too, originally I planned to go for government general hospital, to which the nearest is KL General Hospital, but that place always has traffic jam, so in the end I go for Hospital UKM which is nearest to where I stay, only thing is it's the fee is still a little bit more that those fully government ones. In HUKM, the consultation fee is RM5, blood sugar test RM10, ultrasound scan RM20. So usually my monthly pregnancy checkup is around RM25 if with scan, if the doctor didn't recommend any scanning, then I only have to pay RM5 which is still cheap. I gave birth to Juan Or in HUKM also, caesarian type, stayed there for 5 days 4 nights, and the fee was near RM900 which is considered cheap.

  6. Happy Birthday Baby XJ, you are indeed mummy's wish came true!


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