Wednesday, September 2, 2009

boy or girl ?

I've always prefer to have a daughter instead of a son. Maybe due to the feminine behaviour of a girl, I always feels that they are so fragile, vulnerable and can manja-manja. I can even doll them up, just like a little princess. As for boys, they are always so rough !

Hubby has a different view from mine. He prefer boys as he like those 'roughness' and active kind of kids, running and jumping non stop which will lead you to madness. And I know many men out there prefer a baby girl. I've 'interviewed' some of my relatives and the results were men prefer baby girls while women prefer baby boy. Haha....what an opposite.

Nevertheless, Hubby and I are very thankful for being blessed with a pair of lovely children ~ be it boy or girl, they are always our angels, our heroes.
YX at 2 yrs 11 months. Look at his 'Ultramen' hand action. I shouldn't have allow him to watch Ultramen at the first place.....but after thought of it, Ultramen was one of my growing up movie too.

Look at this cheeky face. He love to pose for photos. So vain! haha....but I like the way he enjoys taking photos.

This is baby XJ at 11 months old. She was holding the story book so nicely as though she knows how to read. Hahaha.....

I've bought this hair clip for her birthday but can't wait till that day to doll her up. Thus, I clipped them and really likes her 'new' look.


  1. no matter boy or girl.. I think we will be happy to see a healthy child.. "say only la'.. when I pregnant, I was so eager to find out if a boy or girl.. and I smile from ear to ear when doc tell me is a girl...

  2. nowadays, u can also dress boys up... there are many nice clothes for boys too, e.g. jumper suit... or Superman suit... Batman suit... Ultraman suit??? hahahah

  3. Cynthia ~ same here. I was very eager to know the gender of the baby when I was pregnant. Mouth said boy or girl also ok la....but deep inside the heart, very kan cheong. hehehehe

    SP ~ those material are very hot. Moreover, people will look at my boy so weird. hehe....

  4. As for me, I like a boy because I like toughness and roughness. Heheh....then I don't have to be too gentle to handle the child ^ ^ Had I given birth to a girl, I'll still be happy anyway!

  5. Alice ~ you like roughness!!! Just like hubby. But I prefer gentle and manja-manja type. hehe


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