Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A broken tape recorder

For the past few days, I've been repeating to YX like a broken tape recorder about he going back to school. I couldn't help myself from repeating again and again because I wanted him to be ready for school again after a long break. I just want him to understand what I was telling him and it seems he absorb them quite well. ^_^

Yesterday night (during bedtime), I repeated to YX again "Tomorrow you will be going to school. Sleep early so you could wake up early". YX will only reply with one simple word "OK".


YX : Later I cry how? I want to look for A-ma, how?

Me : Don't cry. A-ma will pick you up after school. Don't worry, ok.

YX : OK.

The story does not ends here. YX inherited my broken tape recorder and kept on asking me the same question again and again. He seems to be really worry and just could not shut him eye to sleep. Poor boy ~_~

This goes on for almost 30 minutes before he finally dose off. I wonder how was he this morning (as I've not call MIL yet) at school. Wonder did he cry or not? But I was glad that this morning he did not make any fuss when I woke him up at around 7 am.


  1. haha...so this is a case of like son, like mother ^ ^

  2. Alice ~ Sad to say that he cried in school. I think he is still not used to it.


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