Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Camel Rides

This photos was actually taken a few weeks ago. Look at this cheeky boy of mine. While I was changing the bed sheets, he took the pillow and stacks them up on his dad's back and said "Ma, see....camel rides". Hahahaha......

Hubby was actually reading the newspaper.

When 1 pillow is not enough, YX stacked up 3 pillows to made it a comfortable ride !

Cheeky smile and weird pose for photos taking. While riding the 'camel', YX did not forget to bring his water bottle along. Afraid of thirsty.
And I told hubby "Serves you right for not helping me to change the bed sheet. You have became a camel !"


  1. Cute little boy! Well...that's the joy of childhood...simple and innocent fun time with no worries!

  2. Alice ~ If he is not naughty, he is very nice to play with. But when he mades my blood boil...really want to kick him out of the house!


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