Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chinese Birthday

Today is YX's Birthday according to the Chinese Calender (7 月15)How time flies. It is another year again. Actually I'm not aware of the chinese date when I was admitted to the hospital 3 years ago to deliver YX. I do not have the habit to look at the chinese date. To think back, I was actually being admitted to the hospital on the double 7 月14 (Ghost month). Eeerieee...... Double because in the year 2006, there are two 7 months in the Chinese calender. The hell gate openned twice !

There will be no celebration today, but FIL already booked a table for this coming Saturday to have a simple dinner. So, we will be celebrating YX's birthday on Saturday and as promised, will buy him a mini cake for him to blow the candles.

A little conversation with YX.......

Me : Boy, your birthday is coming and we will be buying you a small cake.
YX : *showing his happy face* I want to blow candlesssss!!!!
Me : Sure. It is your birthday and you sure can blow the candles.
YX : Only YX blow. Others cannot blow arr.
Me : Aik....we should take turns and let E koko (YX's cousin) and mei mei to blow as well.
YX : No....I don't want E koko to blow. I want to blow all...only myself blow.
Me : I thought we should take turns and share? After you blew, then E koko turns, then mei mei turns.
YX : Hmmm........(a long pause, but still no answer)......

Kids are kids. No matter whose birthday is it, they just love to blow the candles.

Happy Birthday YX !!


  1. Oh, yes! As a child, I love to blow candles too! Even when there's a blackout, I love blowing them out when electricity was back again.

  2. Chloe was born in the 7th month too (the earlier one). Her is 7 month 20. And until now, she still can't blow candles :-( She can't blow anything for that matter... bubbles, whistle.. all fail haha!

  3. I prayed so hard telling sunshine stay put inside mummy. Coz I'm afraid of the 7th Month. I don want to be left alone in the hospital.

  4. Alice ~ That reminds me of my younger days too! My brother and I love to do the same. LOL.

    Chloe ~ your Chinese birthday coming soon. Happy Birthday again!

    Marie ~ LOL... when it is time for delivery, you won't even have time to think of the 7th month!


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