Monday, September 14, 2009

Foods @ Regent Restaurants, Seremban

~ The Birthday girl ~ We had dinner at the Regent Restaurant, Seremban.

1st dish ~ Pai Tee stuffed with some chopped vege and fruits stir fried with sauce. The pai tee cups are very crispy while the vege + fruits are nicely blend with the sauce. Great !

2nd Dish ~ Salad prawns. A little bit sweet with some creamy taste and goes very well with the cold prawns. I like it.

3rd Dish ~ Not sure what ball (fish or meat or mix) but very tangy. Nice to chew. In the middle is fried seaweeds which are crispy and topped with some meat floss. Baby XJ loves to eat the fried seaweeds. I don't really like the taste of the ball thou......

4th Dish ~ Not sure chicken or duck skin wrapped with ham and salted egg. Nice ! The skin are so crispy.

5th Dish ~ Shark fins soup. I don't really like this because am not a shark fins soup lover. This bowl of soup even spoilt the taste because it is full of ingredient, especially dried scallop. Am not a scallop lover as well.......

6th Dish ~ Fish. Known as 'long dan' in cantoneses but I do not know what is the english name. It is a very expensive fish. I don't like it too because the meat is so tough - just like chicken meat. Normally, fish flesh are soft, but this one taste so weird. Well, I meant the texture. The sauce is nice if goes together with a bowl of white rice.

7th Dish ~ Pau and fried beancurd skin wrapped with some kind of nuts and deep fried. Nice ! I love to eat deep fried foods. Baby XJ also ate a little bit.

8th Dish ~ MY FAVOURITE!!!!! Suckling pig. The skin is sooooo crispy (I told you I love crispy foods), and not very oily. Some suckling pig are full of fats under the crispy skin, but this one is a skinny type. I ate a lot of this but later felt so sinful!

9th Dish ~ Salt & Pepper Lobster. This is also very nice. The salty and spicy taste makes you felt like wanting more and more. The chef added some cilli flakes that makes it spicy in every bite. The lobster are fresh too!

10th Dish ~ I have no idea again what vegetable is this. It taste like spring onion, but it is not. Taste a bit like spinach, but it is not spinach either. Nice to chew ~ crunchy and juicy.

11th Dish ~ Fried noodles. I did not eat this because my stomach is already up to the limit. Going to explode ! I was sooooo full and did not even wish to taste it. But heard other family members said it is salty. Otherwise, it is delicious as the chef fried the noodle till dry (not oily) and fragance.

12th Dish ~ Fuits platter. Did not eat this because I was busy taking photos. Since I'm already very full, I decided to walk around to chat with other family members and take photos. My mum said the pineapples are very SWEET!

Last dish ~ Birthday cake. This is the doll cake which we had removed the doll. Delicious chocolate cakes with not- so- sweet fresh cream. Soft and fluffy with some fresh creams in the middle of each layer. Yummy ! I lovessss cakes........

This is how the doll cake being packed at the bakery.
All above photos are courtesy of my youngest SIL ~ Again I stole them from her FB account. Hehehe.......


  1. The food in this restaurant is rather unique. I think that is sotong balls. Suckling pig, wooo, my favourite!

  2. hey, i saw this doll cake here as well!

  3. Pete ~ Oh..I never thought of sotong ball...Maybe. And yes...suckling pig is my favourite too...but must be the skinny one.

    Alice ~ About RM800 inclusive of taxes. Courtesy of my FIL.

    SP ~ U meant in S'pore or hometown? Nowadays cake are very special.


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