Thursday, September 24, 2009

The little artist

There is a newly open "made in China" products shop in Seremban recently and we went to take a look. Ended up, I bought some art stuffs for YX.

Water colour in a car shape. Only sell at RM3.90 nett. I do not know if it is safe for toddler use or not, but I kept an eye on YX when he was working on it. To make sure he did not put his dirty fingers into his mouth.

YX busy with his painting.

I did some finger printings with him. However, he does not have the paitience to do that and wanted to use the brush to paint on his own way.

Stamp sets. Only sell at RM3.50 nett. Comes with a mini stamp pad, 6 big stamps and 24 mini stamps.

YX happily stamping on a piece of recycle cardboard. However, after a while...........

He started to stamp them on his palm and leg.

See ..... this boy. Only knows how to dirty his own hand. He even chop his fingers onto the stamp pad and stamp them on the paper.
After the art times, I quickly brought him to wash his hands with soap. He even tells me that both his hands got bacteria. Hahaha....he saw the advertisement by the health ministry showed on the tv about preventing virus from spreading and we have to wash hand regularly with soap. Hmm... a good message he had absorb!


  1. Stamping sets can keep the kids busy the whole day. Your son must very happy to have them.

  2. Pete ~ Yes...both art stuffs kept him busy for almost the whole morning. Glad that he enjoyed them so much!

  3. Yes, we don't need expensive toys to keep the kids happy. We go to this "made in china" shop very frequently too (not the one in Seremban tho) and we just love to buy those IQ puzzles. They have 1001 types. Nice :-)

  4. Good to see that your son loves and enjoys those things you bought for him. Cheap and good deal and enjoyable for the kids as well!

    Wooo....would love to see those China goods shop if there's one within reach in Klang Valley! By the way, where is the shop in Seremban, I mean the road's name?

  5. Chloe ~ Kids will be happy with new toys regardless of price. hehe...And yes, they do have a lot of cheap toys. However, those located in Klang Valley is bigger.

    Alice ~ Not sure of the road name, but the shop is located at Rahang area (next to Mitsubishi). Mr.D.I.Y in puchong also have lots of cheap toys don't they?

  6. oh.. good good.. one day when I go back to Sban, must go to this shop.. near Rahang? If I come from Rasah, is it on the beginning of Rahang or towards the end where Khong Guan is?

  7. Cynthia ~ Khong Guan is that biscuit factory (opp. post office) rite? It is near there. That road towards Senawang.


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