Friday, September 25, 2009

Looking forward for a BREAK !

The last time hubby and I travelled for a proper holidays was in February 2006 to Bali Island, before YX was born. Oh....look at how long we did not TAKE A BREAK!!! No wonder I've been wishing and requesting to travel here and there. Why did I say proper holiday? Well, in between of these 3 years, we did travel but only for a day trip to KL or an overnight trip to my hometown in Johor. How pathetic.

Due to working and the kids, we have put off the travelling ideas. As working in a family business, it is not easy for us to apply for leave. FIL will be unhappy and nagging away. Thus, both hubby and I are reluctant to apply leave for travelling purposes. As for the kids, it is rather a hassle if we were to bring them on a plane. Not mentioning the packing on the kid's stuffs. Ahh.....I will go cuckoo!

So the best TIME for us to travel is during Negeri Sembilan public holidays (so there will be less crowd and room rates are cheaper) and the best PLACE to travel is a place easily accessible by car and short distance (around 1 - 2 hour drive), so the kids will not go cranky during travelling. After flipping on the calender, hubby and I decided to take a BREAK on this coming N.Sembilan PH (26 Oct) which falls on the Monday! Since Sunday is an off day, we will have 2 straight days off. The PH was actually an installation of the N.S newly appointed Yang Tuan Besar after the death of the former one.

At first, we thought of travelling to Penang for FOOD, but due to the journey (very long distance), we shifted our plan to GENTING HIGHLANDS. A place which we also have not been for ages. Currently, they are running a promotions (well, they are always having promotions) with a BUY 2 FREE 1 @ First World Hotel only. Bookings must be made online and ended on 30 September 2009.

Wooohoooo !!! I've made that booking and secure with payment already. Now, am really looking forward for this holidays and looking forward to breath in more fresh coooollllll air !!! If only someone can babysit both YX & nice. ^_^ (I know I'm dreaming)

Note: The Buy 2 Free 1 meaning :
1) Buy 2 nights (1 room) and get a free 1 night stay which can be use on the day itself or for the next visit. Valid till 12 Feb 2010. Only low season applies.
2) Buy 2 rooms (1 night) and get a free 1 night same as above.


  1. Happy Holidays! Remember to bring along the trusty camera :)

  2. Smallkucing ~ Yes yes...will sure bring the camera along. Those happy moments are just PRICELESS !

  3. Wooo, Genting, remember ah, if strike jackpot must belanja me makan oh! LOL!

  4. enjoy the trip.. and you deserve a break!!

  5. So it's exactly one month away! Enjoy the trip!

  6. Pete ~ my 2 kids will be tagging along. How I wish I will have the opportunity to STEP into the casino.

    Cynthia ~ really looking forward to this trip.

    Dora ~ Thks...and 1 month seems soooo long to me! hehe

  7. I missed Genting Highlands too!!! Been there once, and hope to make a trip again, this time bringing along my kids!!!

  8. hi ..greetings from IPOH.. coming by via Merryn's blog.. just read from one blogger too..that having a breakaway is the best thing to de-stress and unwind.. do go for a holiday and u will come back very refreshed!

    Happy hols!

  9. Rose ~ Yes..the kids will enjoy themselves. A great place for family.

    reanaclaire ~ Welcome ! And a break is indeed the best medicine !!

  10. Happy Holidays! Remember to bring along the trusty camera :)


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