Friday, September 4, 2009

Medicine Again :-(

The pink & white - for vomitting ; The bottle with red marks - a type of stomach vitamin ;
the blue - another type of vitamin ; the silver sachets - salt for diarrhoea

Again ! Yes...YX is on medications again ! This time, he is having diarrhoea and vomiting. This morning as he woke up from sleep, he told me he was having stomach upset. He does not have any appetite as well (as normally he will drink a cup of milk) and only drank 2 mouthful of milk. As I was rushing to work, I did not really take note on his condition and thought it was just a normal tummy ache. How wrong was I !!! :-(

MIL sent him to school and the teacher only called me at 12 noon saying that YX vomitted twice and was having a diarrhoea. I quickly buzz MIL to pick YX up and he vomitted once in the car (from school to home) and twice at home. Therefore, MIL suggested to bring YX to see a doctor since he is vomitting so many times.

I was rather surprised that YX was very cooperative today at the clinic. He did not cry when he was asked to stand on the weighing scales (which he normally will) and he did not even cry when we enter the doctor's room. Ahh....another milestones he has achieved ! Or maybe he has no more energy to be cranky since he has not eaten anything since morning.

Doctor actually suspected that YX must have caught FIL's virus as he was also having diarrhoea and vomitting for the past 3 days. :-(


  1. Poor boy. hope he recover soon.. and mummy can have a ease heart to go to work..

  2. Cynthia ~ And a good night sleep as well !

  3. Poor boy, have to suffer so much .....


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