Monday, September 14, 2009

Mini Birthday party

The day we had been planning few months ahead, finally arrived. And glad that everything ends up well. As previously everyone in the family was sick, glad that during XJ's mini Birthday party on Saturday, everyone was in the pink of health!
FIL booked 2 tables for a simply dinner with few family members only. Along the dinner, I was so excited to look at the birthday cake which I've been planning for baby XJ since she was still a small baby. I've blog about that here. Well, hubby and the youngest SIL when to collect the birthday cake while I followed my in-laws to the restaurant in another car. So, I did not see the cake until at the end of the dinner. You can imagine how excited / anxious I am...... haha....
When the waitress took out the cake, I was shocked to see the doll was slanting! Hubby jokingly said "The doll must be very tired standing for so long". I guess it must have been accidentally knock on something . However, hubby slowly pushed up the doll to 180 degree standing position again and glad that the cake still look very beautiful. I really like this doll cake! Love the design + the taste. The outer layer are fresh cream and the cake is chocolate flavour.

Birthday present by 3 SILs. There are also some ang pows but I did not include them in the photos.

Taa..daa..... XJ receives 2 dresses, 1 set of pyjamas, 1 pair of shoes + socks and 1 toothbrush. Wonder when can she start using the toothbrush because till now (1 year old) she only have 2 teeth at the bottom.

Ahh....she loves the shoe. It is also the first time she was wearing a shoe. Will keep the shoe till she is big enough to wear them because it does look very big for her little feet.

1st BIL was carrying her @ the restaurants. She just couldn't sit still and busy climbing on the baby chair. I did clip her hair but that did not last long. She did not pull them down (she seems to like it), but everyone wanted to carry her and by the time she gets into my arm again, her hair clip dropped! And WORST, after dinner, I forgot to keep that clip into my bag...therefore, left at the restaurant. :(

Brother YX also got so excited. The party hat was in good shape for only 30 minutes because this destroyer couldn't resist by destroying it. He pulled out the string attached to the hat and said, "Mama see, like a kite !" *slap forehead* . Then, he continues to destroy it by tearing the hat into two and when he does not have the strenght to do so, he throw the hat onto the floor and stepped it! Oh ya....YX was the one who blew the candle !


  1. About YX's antic of destroying the party hat and yet thinking it's all fun to do that....that's very cute! I'm not surprised too if i give a party hat to my Juan Or, he will do the same, plus he will eat the hat as well! :-)

  2. Alice ~ But his cousin brother's hat are still in good shape till today. YX is born to destroy. hehe

  3. I just saw her name on the cake. I have a friend with the same name as her, exactly the same spelling too, from the surname to middle and last name! Happy belated birthday to your little sweetie!

  4. Chloe ~ Aaa...the world is so small. Thks for the greeting.


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