Friday, September 18, 2009


Today the weather shares the same emo with me. Its 'MOODY'. It started raining since midnight and until now, I've not seen the sun yet. Well, my mood is the same. I felt so moody deep inside. Do you feel this way once in a while?

Well, I do.

Nothing bad happen actually. Nothing unpleasant came up my way, but I just felt so moody. Lucky there is the Internet to accompany me. Reading some blogs and comments by others does make me felt better. At least, it does cheer me up a little.

Hope this moody period will sail away soon. Welcome me back with a big sunshine.

Am sure I will soon be smilling because tomorrow will be the last working day before we closed for Hari Raya holidays. I just love holidays. It makes me feel so lazy ~ because in my mind, I've already plan to wake up late ^_^ (hope my plan will not be spoilt by the 2 little ones).

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE !! Selamat Hari Raya !!!


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