Friday, September 18, 2009

"Next Time...."

Every morning, YX has been a good boy for waking up without making any fuss / crying. Normally I woke him up at around 7am in order to get him ready for school. If Sunday, I will let him sleep till he woke up on his own (but normally he will automatically be awake by 8am).

However, he is soooo lazy to go to the toilet and I will have to force him by carrying him to the toilet, while he will struggle at the other end. Well, I have to force him because in the morning is a rush hour for me. So, I can't slow talk with him and everything must be done fast, fast, fast. Otherwise, hubby and I will be late for work!

Me: YX, go and shhh...shhh.....
YX : No, I don't want. I don't have shhh shhhh
Me: HUH! Impossible !!! Once woke up from sleep, sure got shhhh shhhh....Go now!
YX: No, no !!
* No choice, I carried him to the toilet*
YX : *While doing his business* ... NEXT TIME don't want shhh shhh ahhh !!
Me : Cannot! We must shhh shhh eveyday.
YX : No! NEXT TIME don't want shhh shhh.....

I wonder if he do understand the word "NEXT TIME". Hahaha.....

This goes the same for taking bathe. I do not know why he is soooo lazy to take bathe as well. When I have the time (not rushing to work or somewhere else), I will normally tricked him to the bathroom. Either playing hide and seek and lure him to the bathroom, or pick up some toys which will interest him and he will willingly goes to take bathe.

However, if I were to use force (because rushing for time), he will be crying or showing his sad face and said "NEXT TIME don't want take bathe ahh ! "


  1. At least he's using "next time" in the correct context. My Chloe uses it to refer to the past, lagi wrong i.e. "Next time I was a baby, I bla bla bla..." Haha! And she's forever saying "No shee-shee" too. When I force her, wah... one big bowl leh! Haha!

  2. u know wat mnhl? I use Firefox now.. so can comment here dy! Yee ha! :)

  3. Chloe ~ Haha...but YX is always confused with Yesterday and Tomorrow. Look out for my next post.

    Merryn ~ Great. Hope to see you around. ;-)


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